A good architecture design should fit in with your legacy systems and products, and should build on what has proven to work. The architecture should also enhance the value of your past investments in technology and processes and exploit opportunities for reuse within the system and across systems. This is especially true in the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology Industries, wherein regulatory evironment and diverse needs require a well planned scalable solution to be put in place. Additionally, a good solution architecture provides for present and future integration across various I.T. products like EHR’s, ERP’s, Custom Software with each other and across Medical Devices, Mobile Phones, Software based products and other technology infrastructure.

Netspective’s Architecture Design Services

Netspective provides solutions and services to support the architecture needs of Devices, Software Products or Applications and also provides the unique capability in integrating between products and applications in the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology Industry. We leverage our Solutions that are frameworks to enhance your existing solution architecture or develop from scratch, bringing true M2M capability and integrated I.T. environments. We also bring deep Open Source capabilities to help build solutions that are feature rich, cost effectively and scalable.

Product Architecture Design

Designing the architecture of a product for a hardware system, a software system or a combination of both requires a varied skill set. In the case of systems that spans across both hardware and software like the embedded systems, the design and development involves many challenges. Embedded systems have small memory footprints, small screen sizes, tiny or real time operating systems and are usually designed to perform a dedicated function. A team with a diverse knowledge related to hardware, software and other related domain is required which adds to the complexity of getting the design right. Our teams at Netspective with a host of varied skills in hardware, software and embedded systems have been working together in getting out well designed and developed products. In the embedded system space, our experience with device drivers, digital signal processing, RTOS and industry specific protocols helps us to choose the best solutions for your business needs.

Cloud Based Architecture Design

Well-architected clouds allow the constructing of easily scalable systems, provide better disaster recovery capabilities and help your solutions get to the market sooner in a cost effective manner. In order to leverage the power of cloud based deployments, a good architecture is needed that is consistent with the cloud and addresses the concerns of security and privacy within the cloud. Netspective proven ability in building cloud based architecture ensures that your data, applications, platforms and infrastructure are secure and available, compliant with your industry regulations.

Software Architecture Design

Netspective well-defined methodologies, processes and SOA reference architecture allows us to provide our customers with elegant architectural solutions to complex business problems. Our profound knowledge of the domain and platform can help you capitalize on SOA and will guarantee that your business strategies and objectives are met by proven industry solutions.

Building distinctive architectures

Our architects work closely with our customers to help them define a distinct architecture for their enterprise based on the current trends in Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries. We apply our years of experience in positioning the latest trends in technology within the best solutions to guarantee an architecture that will perform and be extendable.


At Netspective, we believe in building architectures with a difference.

  • We bring you well defined, unique, highly effective architecture models that are clear, logical, reusable, scalable and maintainable and bring more value at a lower cost. We help you transform your complex business problems into robust, secure and high performance systems.

  • We understand the value of your investments and provide you solutions that smoothly fit in with already existing legacy systems.

  • With experience delivering solutions to clients in the government and medical industries, our knowledge of the stringent regulations in both industries allows us to give you secure solutions that complies with all the mandates.

  • Our proficiency in open source technologies allow us to pick and choose the best technology requirements for your business needs thereby providing better interoperability, quicker marketing time and accelerating the deployment process.

A powerful resource for your business

We, at Netspective, believe in providing the right strategies and processes for our clients. Our veteran system architects and consultants with extensive expertise will help you in the realization of your complex business challenges in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

Our architecture offerings provide:

  • Identification and prioritization of key architectural concerns by working closely with the clients.
  • Definition, assessment, evaluation and implementation of the architectural requirements providing unique solutions specific to your business requirements. We also provide detailed architecture documentation that details every step from requirements till deployment.
  • Solutions that focus on security and privacy and meets all industry regulations.

Today businesses should settle for no less than a powerful, flexible software architecture that meets present and future needs. Get in touch with Netspective, and we will show you just how much you can accomplish.

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