Prove the quality of your products and services

ProveIT offers collaborative enterprise-grade checklists that comprehensively verify regulatory or SLA-based tasks

Ensure important tasks are completed on time, by the right people

When something has to absolutely, positively, be done right you can’t rely on chance you have to use checklists. But most checklist tools aren’t designed for collaborative, sophisticated enterprise use cases. ProveIT is the first comprehensive tool that allows you to define and execute schedule-sensitive, process-centric, and role-centric checklists.

Peace of mind during regulatory audits

Guarantees that all steps associated with every process have been completed in a verifiable and auditable manner. Automatic notifications and reminders can go out for steps that should have been completed plus tracking can be turned on by supervisors and auditors to understand where more staff training might be required.

Quickly create custom checklists and instantly allow anyone to execute them

Create a simple checklist or a sophisticated multi-process task list with schedule guarantees and reminders. Once created, any checklist can be collaboratively executed inside or outside your organization in an enterprise grade secure yet fully tracked manner.

Integrate tasks and completion status with other enterprise tools

There is no need to worry about maintaining tasks in multiple places. ProveIT integrates with your favorite task tracking tool by automatically syncing tasks generated from ProveIT with the task tracker.

Simply create a task in ProveIT and track it in your task tracker.

Distributed and integration-friendly

Disparate and distributed systems can be integrated, avoiding redundancies and inefficiencies. These kinds of integration also streamlines information flow making data easily accessible. ProveIT is novel because it is designed to automate workflows that are distributed across organizations and people.

A huge number of applications in healthcare

  • Support of patient care plans helping patients with chronic conditions manage their health from home
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Prevention of medication and prescription errors
  • Notifications and reminders for medical staff to ensure task completion
  • Support in Care Transition
  • Prevents overuse of tests and procedures
  • Automating drug administration and treatments

Branding and Citation

ProveIT care plans, worklists, protocols, processes, and procedures can be created to be packaged and sold in a branded manner. Researchers can cite the use of regimented care plans in their clinical trials or other documentation.

Statistics and Analytics

ProveIT tracks detailed statistics on care plans, worklists, and protocol automation so that Six Sigma or other Lean-style process engineering analysts can improve and optimize clinical operations by performing big data style analytics.

Documenting, Automating and Tracking

ProveIT was invented to manage the definition, documentation, tracking, and analysis of tasks and procedures, distributed across people, organizations, or systems.

It ensures that all processes, procedures, compliance requirements associated with well-defined protocols in an organization have been done in the intended sequence by the required personnel within a specified time period.

BPM Support

ProveIT lets you manage your business process models easily. It is unique since it provides proof of execution of every step of the workflow even though the workflow may be distributed across systems. It also allows for the integration with third party BPM tools.

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