Why Watchtower?

When you develop software, something always goes wrong. Always. Face it. In software development, bugs, errors and exceptions are unavoidable. Your process will always be long and complex. And if you develop healthcare software, add another layer of must-haves and must-dos to the usual process and quality requirements.

Getting quality right—the first time

In software development, whether it is for regulated markets or otherwise, there’s always a lot to do in very little time. You must keep up with market trends that change constantly. Develop complex applications, platforms and services. Satisfy high and ever-changing quality standards.

And, you have only one chance to get it right

Getting it right requires building reliable software and keeping it secure and bug-free. Yes, bugs, errors, flaws and exceptions. Hundreds of them, coming from many sources. Dependable tools and processes are your best (some would say only) defense.

Netspective Watchtower tools and processes help you defend yourself from unforeseen events that drain your budget and disrupt your development process.

What is it?

The Tool that Reduces Development Costs and the Risks of Delay

Netspective® Watchtower is an online, feedback and error management platform. We built Watchtower to help software developers keep their data secure, products reliable and customers happy.

Our customers use Watchtower to reduce the effort and cost of software development.

Programmers use Watchtower to make short work of finding and fixing bugs. Detailed stack traces and environmental details reduce software QA and development time.

Project managers can monitor application reliability and error rates since last deployment. Apdex, reliability and customer loyalty scores make it easy to track all important aspects of application performance.

QA and QC specialists can assign, resolve and investigate errors as a team.

System administrators can keep an eye on changing conditions

Watchtower platform, applications and services help to accelerate software development and reduce QA cycles

  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Real-time watch
  • Data capture agents
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Data Security
  • Multi Device Dashboard
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Scoring
  • Full-Stack Exception Handling
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Context Sensitive Feedback and Support capture
  • Multi language integration
  • Application health monitoring

Use Watchtower for streamlined software processes and to lower the risk of development delays.

Continuous Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring that Never Sleeps

Netspective Watchtower provides you with the tools you need to assure consistent software reliability and performance.

Watchtower services:

  • Continuously monitor your applications for errors in real time and notify you as soon as they occur.
  • Provide detailed diagnostic information and error reports for those exceptions so you can resolve them more quickly. Information such as detailed stack traces, browser information, OS details, geographic location, and device data are provided to enable quick troubleshooting.
  • Integrate errors generated by your application with existing issue trackers and other enterprise support tools.
  • Group recurring errors intelligently for easier analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Document errors and details of errors.

Use the Watchtower platform to:

  • Discover and prioritize new errors, when they started and how often they occurred.
  • Send on-demand and ad hoc log messages, warnings, app activities, and custom events to a centralized server for further analysis and regulatory reporting.
  • Integrate error data generated by your application with existing error trackers and tools such as help desk systems and monitoring agents



Trusted Metrics that Simplify Your QA Processes

Netspective Watchtower evaluates the performance, reliability and customer satisfaction with your applications by using recognized and well defined scoring systems.

Apdex Scoring

  • Links application performance with customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluates the responsiveness of your application.
  • Measures customer satisfaction on a scale of 0 (total dissatisfaction) to 1.0 (total satisfaction).

Reliability Scoring

  • Measures application reliability (frequency of bugs and crashes)
  • Scores give you a quick glimpse of application error frequency throughout development, test and production phases.

Net Promoter Scoring (NPS)

  • Measures ongoing customer satisfaction with your application.
  • Tracks customer opinion over time.
  • Calculates how many customers would recommend your product to others versus how many would not recommend it.
  • Enables you to choose customers randomly to provide accurate scores without being intrusive.



The Quickest Road to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

A high-performance product is an excellent asset, but it’s not the whole game. Watchtower uses performance and customer feedback to fine-tune your software for maximum reliability and customer acceptance. The Watchtower feedback and error management system is designed to make software processes faster, easier and less expensive to perform.

Use Watchtower to:

  • Get detailed information you need to identify and resolve application performance problems.
  • Automate routine applications tasks for faster, more accurate development.
  • Send on-demand log messages, warnings, application activities, and custom events to a central server for analysis and regulatory reporting.
  • Capture context-sensitive support requests and feedback by adding the Watchtower feedback widget to your webpage or application.
  • Manage application event reports and provide an audit trail of all feedback and support information.

Watchtower customer support capabilities also enable you to:

  • Organize and document customer feedback. Fine-tune your product to reflect customer expectations. Add the Watchtower feedback and support widget to your web page or application to capture context-sensitive information and better evaluate customer opinion.
  • Fulfill support service requests. Use electronic forms and 24 x 7 email communications for immediate attention.

Identify and resolve reliability and customer support problems, quickly and accurately every time.

Manage Test Results


Gather and Communicate Test Data Quickly and Easily

Even though software testing is partially automated, it’s still a complex, time-consuming process. Choosing, tracking and communicating test results helps make testing complex and frustrating.

Test leads and product owners often struggle to provide simple, meaningful and reliable testing information to managers and stakeholders. They want to:

  • Communicate data that will guide the software testing effort.
  • Monitor the progress of testing activities.
  • Report status of specific tests.
  • Discover gaps in test coverage and areas that might require more investigation.

Modern testing dashboards use powerful analytics and easy-to-use formats that help project managers and stakeholders make faster, more accurate testing and project decisions.

Monitor and Guide Testing from an Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Netspective™ Watchtower uses an analytics-based testing dashboard. We designed Watchtower to reduce testing time and effort. And, we made it easy to communicate high-priority testing information to managers and stakeholders.

Use Watchtower to:

  • Centralize important test data. Collect results from various test tools in a single, accessible location.
  • Choose and display the most important test results. We made it easy to select vital data on an accessible, easy-to-configure dashboard.
  • Gain insights into the health of your software. Just glance at the results on the dashboard for trends that show an increase or decrease in bugs.
  • Judge the status of test case behavior. Improve your testing process by tracking and eliminating flaky tests.
  • Identify key problem areas. Help your team fix the most important problems first.
  • Set your own specific quality threshold values. Select indicator values that tell you whether and when to go live.

Watchtower is easy to integrate with third-party testing tools. Simply import .csv files. Or, use APIs to capture results automatically.


Keep Your Team Productive and Your Project on Track

Watchtower is designed to track, measure and display software health data and reporting trends.

Use it to reduce the time and effort of:

  • Making test results understandable to non-technical users.
  • Looking at all relevant results, without having to find and open several tools.
  • Getting access to dashboard.
  • Integrating dashboards with third-party tools.
  • Tracking, analyzing and fixing software testing problems.
  • Reviewing test data quickly to reduce time to release.

In short, you can spend less time finding and sharing results and more time making decisions vital to your project.


Tracking Customers

Right now, prospects are visiting your web site. Do you know who they are and what they want? Wouldn’t you like to track them and find out? Now, you can. Netspective Watchtower gives marketing and sales team leaders a fast, accurate and complete view of website visitor identity and buying habits.

Watchtower, the Netspective online data monitoring platform, now provides website visitor tracking capabilities. Designed for companies that want to make the most of their sales and marketing resources, Watchtower helps you convert anonymous site visits into valuable marketing information.

Use Watchtower to:

  • Identify and engage customers you might have missed with conventional data gathering methods.
  • Engage with prospective customers sooner in the buying cycle.
  • Close more deals, more quickly.
  • Get a clear idea of which prospects are most likely to buy.
  • Build marketing and sales strategies that reflect your customer base. identify-the-anonymous-97-percent

Identify the Anonymous 97 Percent

Did the prospects you meet during your last conference actually visit your site? Are companies you are interested in checking out your site and your offerings? You’ll never know, unless you gather detailed customer information from site visitors.

Visitor tracking technology reveals the identity of the 97% of site visitors who never fill out forms. Watchtower helps you gather this detailed information—names, titles and even contact information—without visitors having to register.


Focus Resources on Your Best Leads

Not all visitors to your website are potential buyers. Going after the wrong leads are simply a waste of resources. You may spend lots of time and money telling people about your products, but are they really going to buy from you? Watchtower is a powerful sales and marketing tool that can help you:

  • Track visitors who would have been unknown to you before.
  • Discover leads that are most likely to generate revenue.
  • Avoid time and money lost by following unproductive leads.

Convert More Visitors by Understanding Their Behavior


Understanding the behavior of your website visitors is a key factor in converting them into customers. When you use Watchtower to track visitors to your site, you’ll:

  • Help your marketing and sales teams understand visitor behavior.
  • Understand exactly what visitors look at and how long they stay on each page.
  • Know which pages are visited the most.
  • Learn what kind of people are interested in your offerings.


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