Why Fluent?

Cloud based solutions are adding a learning curve to simple and familiar actions

  • Secure document transfer and custom import/export of files for system integration is becoming difficult.
  • Web-based upload models are inconsistent forcing customers to learn new functionalities.
  • Familiar actions such as printing a file, saving a file, scanning a file, or snapping pictures via cameras are more preferable than learning new methods.
  • Sharing custom files between systems applications requires opening up of insecure ports.

There’s a need for a secure system that allows

  • Patients to transfer documents to doctor’s offices.
  • Doctor’s offices to transfer documents to other doctor’s offices.
  • Clients of legal and accounting firms to transfer documents to their lawyers, CPAs or accountants.
  • Lawyers and accountants to send documents to each other.
  • Customers of any company to transfer documents to their vendors.

The Netspective Fluent Cloud Agent provides a plug and play cloud gateway agent that a user can install in less than 5 minutes on any workstation, behind their firewall in their network, and allow them to securely perform data exchange.

What is Fluent?

Fluent consists of 2 components – Fluent XA and Fluent XS

eXtensible Agent (XA)
Fluent XA is a gateway app that runs on any PC or Linux workstation and automates common tasks such as file transfers between on-premise (behind a firewall) and cloud servers.

eXtensible Server (XS)
Fluent XS is a series of server apps such as agent admin, gateway monitor, and print processor which acts as the secure conduit between all agents and external cloud systems.

Our customers use Fluent to get their Jobs done easily and securely.

  • Healthcare Organizations – Facilitate easy and secure sharing of reports/files between physicians, labs, patients and radiologists. Provides variety of services like HISP and support for DICOM through an agent based framework.
  • Communications & Media – Provides multiple cloud based file sharing capabilities though a secure agent.
  • Cloud Storage Services – With Fluent, migration from one Cloud Storage provider to another would be a breeze.
  • Legal Organizations – Helps in maintaining the secrecy of the documents handled with encrypted file storage and SSL communication.
  • Educational Institutions – Provides an easy channel of communication between students and teachers and much more.
  • Enterprise – An agent based framework for intranet and internet communication and file sharing which supports various Cloud Storage providers like Box and Dropbox.


  • APIs and SDKs for systems integration
  • Cloud Agents
    Cloud Agents
  • Print2Share
  • Send2Share
  • Scan2Share
  • Snap2Share
  • Watch2Sahre
  • Custom Plug-ins
    Supported Apps
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Data Services
  • Admin Services
  • Print Processor
  • Custom APP
  • Message Queue
  • Email
  • Dropbox
  • Sky Drive
  • Google Drive

What can it do?

Secure file exchange gateway…

…using what users

…with more functionality

…plus secure, audited, compliant

Cloud Connector

The fluent cloud agent acts as a plug and play cloud connector agent that your customer can install in less than 5 minutes on any server, behind their firewall in their network, and allow you to securely perform data exchange without their IT team opening any special ports, without making any firewall configuration changes, and all without a VPN deployment.

Use the Fluent Cloud Agent when you want to securely exchange cloud data with your customers’ internal systems without the hassle of custom software installations, firewall rule changes, or VPNs.


NXB – Netspective Extensible Behaviors

NXB follows the principle of IFTTT. The Fluent Agent provides NXB using a plug-in architecture framework where you can simply define behaviors and plug it in.

Use NXB to define behaviors to

  • Automate tasks on the cloud. Automatically have your MRI scans delivered to you when they are ready.
  • Automate tasks on your workstations or servers. Synch new files between systems or servers as they arrive.
  • Work more efficiently. Share anything from modern apps or legacy applications that don’t know how to share their data.
  • Send out reminders. Send out daily/weekly/periodic notification emails to your team
  • Share your pictures. Simply take a picture or a video and instantly share it from your desktop PCs.
  • Create your own workflow. Scan photos of your office get-togethers and have them be sent to shared locations where the staff can view them.


Multiple triggers can use the same action and vice versa.


Fluent Agent


Instantly share anything you can print from modern apps or legacy applications that don’t know how to share their data.

Documents can be transferred as high fidelity (pixel perfect) PDFs or can be converted to read-only or hard to copy/duplicate viewable version.

Once received on the server side, encrypted PDFs can be forwarded via email (using simple PINs that are sent via SMS/text) or parsed / processed by automation scripts.


Instantly share any file you can see on your desktop or your network directories just by right-clicking or a simple drag and drop.

If the file format of a document or picture is important, Send2Share can electronically send files on demand via HTTP, or HTTPS. These files can then be processed on the server side, and later emailed, imported into another application, or saved somewhere.


Scan and instantly share any document.

Documents can be scanned and transferred as high fidelity (pixel perfect) PDFs, JPGs, etc. or can be converted to a read-only or hard to copy/duplicate viewable version.

Once received on the server side, encrypted documents can be forwarded via email (using simple PINs that are sent via SMS/text) or processed by imaging scripts for recognition or other requirements.


Snap and instantly share any picture, audio clip, or video clip from your desktop PCs.

Once received on the server side, encrypted photos, audio or video clips can be forwarded via email (using simple PINs that are sent via SMS/text) or processed by imaging, audio, or video scripts for recognition or other requirements.


Watch2Share allows sending of files on a regular basis (e.g. when directories change).

It is setup to be a queue for applications to put data in and take data from, in real-time, including drag and drop of multiple files.

Process incoming files using custom applications and scripts or save them in common cloud service providers via encrypted transfer.


DICOM images delivered to you.

Now there is no need to pick up your DICOM images and radiology reports after your CT/MRI scans. They will be delivered straight into your account/your PCP’s account.

The DICOM images will retain the same high resolution of the original images.


Sending secure and signed emails.

The Fluent Agent watches for the arrival of files within the Fluent folder. As the files arrive in the folder, it can be signed, encrypted and sent to the recipients.

Custom Plug-in

Custom “screen scrapers” or integration utilities that need to connect to legacy applications and extract data to send to the cloud can be written by Netspective, customers, or system integrators.

Fluent IoT Server

With a huge increase in the address space with IPv6 and the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems, and the internet, it is possible to assign a unique identifier to virtually anything on this planet and exchange data among these connected devices. Thus, the emergence of the Internet of Things has opened up infinite possibilities of collecting and gathering insights from data in ways that were not possible before.

Netspective’s Fluent IoT Server is the fastest path to advanced IoT solutions. It provides all the back-end functionality that is needed for the communication and management of connected things. It enables data, agent, device and profile management for your connected objects. The Fluent agent is embedded or installed into a connected device which enables the secure exchange of data between the connected thing and the Fluent IoT Server.


The following are some of the advantages of using Fluent IoT Server:

  • Build regulatory compliant, secure and collaborative applications.
  • Provides a reliable and robust connection between your connected devices.
  • Provides device interoperability and data consistency.
  • Can manage virtually any number of devices.
  • Easily scalable. Supports both small-scale and large-scale IoT solutions.
  • Performs device management, provisioning and configuration.
  • Synchronizes data across multiple devices.
  • Controlled firmware updates.
  • Predicts the maintenance for devices.
  • Accelerates development of IoT solutions by providing a well developed IoT framework thereby reducing related costs and risks.
  • Significantly reduces the time to market.
  • Easily integrates with visualization and data analytics apps.

Fluent IoT Server Usecases


Professional Services

The increase in the usage of smartphones and smart devices like location devices, medical devices, monitoring devices, sensors etc, has led to the generation of enormous amounts of data. With Internet of Things(IoT), these smart devices can share and collaborate with each other to gather, store and process data, to providing valuable insights into data that can be used to improve efficiency in almost every industry.

Netspective Professional Services provides you with a robust IoT platform which can be used to share and derive insights from the data collected from all your connected objects. In the field of healthcare, our services play a major role in enhancing the quality of care and improving care coordination. We aim to make the lives of patients, especially those with complex conditions and aged patients, better.


The Fluent IoT offerings can:

  • Coordinate care and treatment in real time.
  • Alert clinicians and physicians of critical conditions of patients based on continuous monitoring.
  • Ensure the availability of data across all channels for physicians and clinicians alike.
  • Improve patient engagement.
  • Provides interoperability of connected devices.
  • Easily integrates with embedded microchips.
  • Easily connect smart devices and wearables with data analytics and visualization tools.
  • Robust collaboration and communication among the clinical personnel to address the challenges of patients requiring constant care.
  • Provide cost effective treatments and also improving efficiency and patient experiences.
  • Help focus on delivering patient-centered care by paying more importance to prevention rather than cure.


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