• Help Patients Stay Healthy and On Schedule

    The Netspective™ EasyRyde® scheduling service combines cloud-based software, affordable rideshare services and a network of safe, reliable drivers. Together, they help patients without transportation stay healthy by getting to doctors’ appointments on time, every time.


Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT



Quick and easy resolution of bugs with the help of detailed stack traces and details of the environment

Project Managers

Watch error rates since last deployment to track quality of application. Monitor application health with apdex and reliability scores.


Assign, resolve and investigate errors as a team

Enterprise System Vendors

Supports integration with third periactin online, purchase dapoxetine party issue trackers and ticketing systems.


Instant integration for Java, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, C# and other languages

Watchtower gives you a simple agent that you can install in almost any modern or legacy application. Once installed it automatically handles and reports exceptions, bugs, logs, and other events.

Capture context-sensitive support requests and customer feedback with automatic screenshots

The Watchtower feedback widget integrates with your webpage or application to capture context sensitive information to better evaluate customer feedback and provide technical support.


Integrate with your favorite issue tracker, help desk, and other enterprise systems

Issues and errors generated by your application can be easily integrated with your organization issue trackers and other enterprise tools such as help desk systems and application monitors.

Create regulatory and SLA-specific audit reports of your application quality

Watchtower lets you manage adverse event reports from your application in a regulatory friendly manner so all feedback and support is fully tracked in an auditable manner.



Send logs, activities, and custom events to a central server

In addition to auto capturing your application exceptions, Watchtower enables on demand and ad hoc log messages, warnings, app activities, and custom events to be sent to a central server for further analysis and regulatory reporting.

More Features

Detailed Error Reporting

Allows for quick troubleshooting with detailed stack traces, browser, OS details etc.

Intelligent Grouping of Errors

Recurring exceptions are grouped intelligently for better readability and analysis.

Secure Exception Handling

Extra measures for protection and secure handling of data.


Monitor the health of your application. Check out the error rates and exceptions since the last release.

Real time watch

Watch in real time how many errors are being generated and how soon they are being resolved

Error Filters

Error filters allows to separate the more important errors from the lesser important ones.

ProveIT/Opsfolio Integration

ProveIT and Opsfolio uses the Netspective Watchtower Feedback widget to allow website visitors to report feedback.

Error Prioritization

Use analytics to find out new errors, what time they started, their frequency of occurrence, if they are coming from newly added or existing code and much more…

Trend Charts

Trend Charts on the dashboard tell you if your application is doing better or worse since the last release.

Unlimited Data Storage

We provide unlimited storage of historical data.


Notifies users of errors through email.

Smarter Log Files

Connect the log files directly to code thereby making it smarter.