The State of the Scripting Universe

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As architects we’re routinely asked about doxycycline buy, generic zithromax the “best tool for the job.” More and more these days the answer is a scripting language like Perl or Ruby — and, without a wink or cringing about it. Even as little as ten years ago those of us who liked scripting languages only recommended it for small utilities or daily script work — however, more and more these days scripting languages are being used to deliver entire services in a SOA or WOA environment and even build complete applications. I still think that scripting is for specialized domain-specific uses but others believe that scripting can be used for general-purpose use cases, too.

Check out this CIO Magazine article “PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, Python, and Tcl Today: The State of the Scripting Universe“. It’s got some good content and thoughts from the creators or managers of the projects that the scripting languages come from.

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