• Netspective Streams

    With Streams you are always in touch with everything that is important to you.


Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT



A network around your software entities

Share information and collaborate with others using social interaction features. Build a social network around your software entities.

Tap in to the information flow with ease

Get information flows triggered by users executing processes, developers resolving issues, changing configurations of operational assets etc.


Follow entities that interest you

Be on top of what matters to you by easily following entities of interest. Entities can be people, organization, devices, servers and applications.

Discuss using comments, notes, annotations

Enrich the informational content by starting discussions using comments and annotations. You can also augment the content by adding notes.



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APIs for Developers

Simple and easy to use APIs for enabling Streams on any entity. Develop applications to consume the information .

More Features

Multi tenant support

Streams are organized under tenants, organizations, teams, projects, categories and tags.

Streams Widget

Enable streams functionality in your applications by adding the Streams widget.