Netspective Amplified Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a powerful tool to engage customers by delivering relevant, unique and compelling content. When used
correctly, it can cater to the needs of an evolving audience and also generate revenue.

Content Amplification

Content Amplification is all about making sure the content is amplified enough so that the content finds the right audience. It is about using the content to get potential customers to think of your brand as a resource of valuable information so that they not only become potential buyers but also generate inbound links to your website. Inbound links drive high quality traffic to the website and also contributes to increasing the popularity of the website.

Content Curation

Content Curation is what gives the audience the flavor of content that they desire. It is a painstaking task of sorting through huge amounts of candidate content that has been identified as part of research and writing the content in a well organized, presentable and engaging manner.

Netspective Amplified Content Marketing

Netspective Amplified Content Marketing

Netspective Amplified Content Marketing Solution

  • Identifying and understanding the target audience, the kind of content they consume and generating large volume of quality content based on research and candidate keywords.
  • Writing well written, well presented, appropriate and relevant content based on the content generated from research. Optimizing content so that it can be easily found and consumed. Creating new valuable content which in turn generates quality back links.
  • Curating content and adding insights. Automated posting of curated content to blog sites.
  • Formatting and publishing content from client blog sites as RSS Feeds. Consuming RSS Feed content and RSS content curation. Feeding the filtered and curated content to Social Networking Sites.
  • Managing multiple social networks and analyzing social media traffic. Building high quality traffic by driving readers to websites and blogs.
  • Identifying influencers and engaging with them so as to amplify the reach of content.
  • Engaging with new audiences through social media. This not only offers something useful to the audience but triggers a two way conversation which forms the foundation of social media marketing.
  • Monitoring and measuring the content performance so that the content grows and caters to the audience as they evolve.

The Ultimate Results

  • Achievement of high website ranking in all popular search engines.
  • Considerable increase in quality traffic to the website.
  • Reaching out to an ever growing audience.
  • Allows more potential customers to find you easily
  • Builds credibility and trust among the targeted audience
  • Improves online presence
  • Builds brand recognition
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Improves ROI and helps generate future revenue opportunities