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Netspective Connect Overview


Netspective Global Business Messaging Enterprise Edition

With our patented application-to-application business messaging solution, offered as Software-as-a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, we provide customers with the most complete, secure and scalable service in the industry. All of this and more at half the price of competing alternatives.

No other service, including VANs or private networks can compete against our combination of 100% availability, rapid deployment, low cost, performance, and security.

With triple-layered security, using industry standard security technology, it makes messaging in the cloud as secure as any VAN, VPN or lease line deployed today. You are in complete control since you establish the security level needed.

Our patented online data storage allows you to track any message at the file level and retrieve messages for those situations demanding non-repudiation or compliance audits. In addition, authorized users can retrieve messages wherever they have internet access by connecting via their web browser to their portal. Our connectors are downloadable in minutes to any computer regardless of size.

Finally, operating in the cloud means that we are scalable on demand. This not only allows us to meet your peak demands instantaneously but since you only pay for what you use you can typically expect your total cost of ownership to be a minimum of 50% of your existing solution.



  • 100% Guaranteed Delivery
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Cost Effective
  • No Up Front Capital Investment
  • Managed Security
  • Tracking and Audit Portal
  • Optimal Performance
  • Pervasive
  • 100% Availability
  • Managed Service

Business Benefit

  • Transactions always get delivered
  • Live and operational within hours
  • Saves money and human resource compared to leased lines, VANs, and private networks
  • Immediate ROI – Not “spendto save”
  • Multi-levels of security defined, easily installed, and maintained for visibility into multiple, synchronized data stores
  • Optimal routing across multiple premier carriers exceeds criteria for securities, credit card and other transactions
  • A global network service with global reach
  • Business continuity, no single point of failure
  • 24*7 monitoring and customer service allows you to focus on core business

Architecture Overview


Architecture Overview

Netspective Connector

  • Message encryption, duplication and disatch
  • Message receipt, decrypt and delivery
  • Message recovery
Online Data Stores

  • Elastically provisioned
  • Multiple copies of all messages stored encrypted
  • i-to-many router relationship
Netspective Routers

  • Virtualized image in the “cloud”
  • Supports subscribed connectors
  • Recovers messages from online data stores
Netspective Portal

  • Message tracking, display & recovery
  • Usage & event reporting
  • Administration
Netspective Control

  • Network Operations & Management
  • Dynamic provisioning & QoS
  • Exception reporting & recovery

Connector Integration
The connector may be embedded within an application, or installed standalone. The connector interfaces to applications (protocols) and to other connectors (links). Not all links support all protocols; see Connector Administration Guide for complete details.

Supported JVM VersionJVM 1.6 or Later
Supported EnvironmentsMicrosoft Windows XP, Vista, Server 2000, Server 2008, LINUX, Solaris 8 or later
Supported LinksFile Account
File Systems
SSL, SSL with Length Header, QSI SSL
TCP/IP, IP with Length Header, QSI TCP/IP
Odette FTP over TCP
MQ over TCP, Crest MQ Series, IBM MQ Series
Supported Application Interface ProtocolsSimple File Tranfer Protocol (drop box)
Account File Transfer (hierarchical drop box)
File Transfer from FTP Client
HL7 2 & 3
FTP Proxy Server
Odette FTP
Data Stream (unformatted)
HTTP Client Interface
HTTP Server Interface
SMTP Client Interface
SMTP Server Interface
POP Client Interface
POP Server Interface
ISO 15022 (Securities)
FIX 4.0, 5.0*
ISO 8582 (POS) 1

Netspective Management Portal


All message management is provided via an administration

Standard FiltersBy Date Reange
By Source Name
By Destination Name
By Link
By Message Priority
By Message ID
Standard ReportsBilling(The Billing Summary Report displays a list of all items including source address, destination address, number of messages, number of characters and source link)
Routing Exceptions(The Routing Exception Report provides details of all messages sent from companies other than your trading partners)
SLA Daily(The SLA Daily Report provides details of message delivery times, including average time for delivery, maximum delivery time and number of messages greater than delivery threshold)
Detailed Traffic Report(The Detailed Trafffic Report, which provides source address, destination address, number of characters, source link and time stamp, is utilized on an ad hoc basis to resolve message discrepencies)
Message TrackingIndividual Message Header Reporting(Date and Time Sent, Date and Time Delivered, Sender ID, Recipient ID, Source Address and Link, Destination Address and Link, Delivery Status, Transmit Time, Encryption, Storage Expiry, Size, Type, Priority, and Billable Flag)
Message Recovery via Download Message Resend
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