• The smart way to manage your Operations Portfolio

    Opsfolio empowers operations teams and lets you manage your operational assets efficiently.


Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT


System Administrators

Visualize network flows and make changes to the infrastructure easily and smoothly.

Operations and Technical Personnel

Communications vehicle and notifications hub to facilitate communication of events at the asset level.

Project Managers

Change tracking and change management for all requirements-based operational assets.

Security Officer

Threat and vulnerability assessment. Risk determination and impact analysis. Mitigation and remediation.

Compliance Manager

Record and monitor compliance status of operational assets as well as users.

Insurance Companies

Assess and monitor cyber security risk of the insured customers’ operational assets.


All you need to know about your operational assets in one place!

Details of operational assets and their relationships with related assets captured and shown with diagrams and/or tabular views.

Make IT infrastructure changes smoothly and with ease

Visualization of network flows, relationships and dependencies among operational components allows IT administrators to handle infrastructure changes effortlessly.


Receive asset activities as notifications

Know every activity that is taking place in every asset of your operations portfolio.
Acts as a notification hub for operational assets.

Assessment and auditing for compliance mandates.

Checks and reports the compliance status of each asset for conformance with the regulatory mandates.


Vulnerability Management

  • Classify assets based on vulnerability.
  • Inbuilt feeds for vulnerable databases, websites, mailing lists etc.
  • Prioritized patch application and phased deployments.
  • Remediation Information for each vulnerability

Information management made easy by simple and easy to use dashboard.

Simple and easy to use dashboard to see the overview of items.


More Features


A concise and clear view of all organization assets.


Graphical representation of networks, dependencies and relationships among assets

Policies and Standards Library

A collection of information security policies, regulatory compliance requirements and other industry standards

Multi-tenancy support

Supports multiple tenant information with a common instance of Opsfolio.

Blog/Runbook entries

Blogs and Runbook entries provide detailed information on operations done on assets.


Version history for all the assets are maintained in Opsfolio. All changes made to an asset can be viewed from the version history.