Web Oriented Architecture (WOA) succeeding SOA?

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Many service-oriented architecture (SOA) efforts in the government and elsewhere are not getting off the ground quickly enough to be worth the ROI. They are falling prey to the same problems as other top down, centrally driven projects that SOA was meant to solve and promises that were made.

Large complicated solutions are always harder to implement and put into place versus smaller, simpler projects. This is probably why new web-oriented architecture (WOA) efforts are seeing the light of day. Because they are smaller, use RESTful capabilities built into HTTP, and can be enabled in existing web applications with minor alterations.

Instead of designing solutions around higher-level business services (like in SOA) the WOA approach is to create simple resources that serve up some useful data. The WOA approach is faster, more agile, and probably more immediately useful but does have the drawback of not being a “business service” as much as a collection of data or other resources. Of course, many of the business services that architects think they are creating are also just lookup services.

So, the question is — is WOA succeeding SOA? Are any of you doing anything for WOA or are the reports of SOA failures over hyped?

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