Medigy Health Informatics Platform

Medigy Technical Architecture

Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT


You’ve got brilliant healthcare delivery ideas but you’re not sure to how to build secure apps that can help you execute your innovations. Medigy is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Solid open source and standard based architecture

Medigy is built on a secure, HIPAA-compliant, Meaningful Use certifiable, open source foundation that can support any innovative healthcare application you’re thinking of deploying. Medigy is designed from the ground up for integration with existing systems such as EHRs, hospital applications, patient management systems, content management systems, and dozens of other healthcare IT platforms / apps.

Medigy is built on a free operating system, a robust set of EHR modules, a sophisticated open source data integration layer with complex event management capabilities, a terabyte scale data management infrastructure, a modern mobile apps enablement layer, and the world’s most heavily used content management framework.

Medigy uses scalable open source packages throughout the stack to help save you from licensing costs as well let you grow your business without paying any success tax.