Subcontractor and Partner Document Storage Plan

Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT

Category Groups

For all Netspective work performed by partners and subcontractors, please use the following document storage plan:

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Project and task tracking, threaded discussions, tickets, etc. in general (but not documents, only references to where the document is stored somewhere below)ActiveCollabReplace with Alfresco Share or Drupal-based PM tool long term
Source codeGitHub
Instructional documents for engineers or anyone with access to source codeGitHub
Instructional documents for technical personnel within Netspective, partners, and subcontractorsm who do not access source codeDropboxReplace with Alfresco soon
Instructional documents for non-technical personnel within Netspective, partners, and subcontractorsDropboxReplace with Alfresco soon
General documents for NeuroVista project (those that need to be visible to Janice and others)Box.netReplace with Alfresco soon
General wiki-style documents and notes that should be seen by specific personnel (for security, privacy, etc.)EvernoteReplace with sophisticated wiki soon (e.g. MediaWiki, Confluence, etc.)

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