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Shibboleth=======Shibboleth is a free open source implementation for identity management, providing a web-based single sign-on mechanism across different organizational boundaries. It is a

federated system, supporting secure access to resources across security domains. It is based on open standards, principally SAML.


— Identity provider (IdP)

— Service provider (SP)

IdP Types


Information about a user is sent from a home identity provider (IdP) to a service provider (SP) which prepares the information for protection of sensitive content and use by


1. User Accesses Protected Resource

2. SP Determines IdP and Issues Authentication Request

3. User Authenticates to the IdP

4. IdP Issues Response to SP

5. Back to the SP

6. Back to the Protected Resource

Application (Drupal etc) –> shibbloth –> sp –> idp –> (idp checks with ldap server) –> sp –> Application

———————- SSO ————————-

CAS integrated with Shibboleth:

1.If the user has already authenticated to CAS and has a valid CAS SSO session, the IDP will transparently perform the requested action, e.g. attribute release.

2.If the user does not have a valid CAS SSO session, the user will be redirected to CAS and must authenticate before the IDP proceeds with the requested action.

Application –> (CAS Authentication with ldap) –> Application

In Background

Application –> CAS –> sp –> idp –> idp Integrated with LDAP Server –> sp –> Application

Shibboleth IdP and SP Installation and Configuration: price of clonidine, acquire dapoxetine

To test Shibboleth as an identity provider (IdP) or a service provider (SP):


Status of Installation:

The above url: is for outdated Shibboleth. Now we are refering the following urls:
Now current status is, we installed idp and sp and while checking the url: http://geopc.local:8080/idp/profile/Status we are getting A? ok? so it seems the idp installation is correct.
While accessing https://geopc.local/secure we are getting an error message:


The system encountered an error at Fri Mar 16 18:29:25 2012

To report this problem, please contact the site administrator at root@localhost.

Please include the following message in any email:

opensaml::saml2md::MetadataException at (https://geopc.local/secure)

Unable to locate metadata for identity provider (https://geopc.local/shibboleth)


In error log it shows WARN Shibboleth.SessionInitiator.SAML2 [1]: unable to locate metadata for provider (https://geopc.local/shibboleth)

Also while accessing the url: http://geopc.local:8080/idp/shibboleth we are getting an xml page.

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