Netspective Single Sign On (SSO) Architecture

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CAS LDAP Server Single Sign On [Applications ]


  • Netspective Drupal Site

  • ActiveCollab

  • Alfresco

Expected servers:


Server name
Hosted at
LDAP server
CAS server

Project Milestones:

  1. CAS:

Able to install and configure CAS and able to integrate with LDAP Server.

  1. LDAP Server:

Able to install and configure LDAP server.

  1. LDAP Schema:

With abacschema we can include users and skills that suits for netspective.

  1. Integration of Netspective Drupal Site with CAS:

Able to integrate Netspective Drupal Site with CAS. We have configured in such a way that while accessing the login url ( ) only it gets redirected to CAS login page.

Checking Group policies between Drupal and LDAP.

  1. Checking the replacement of Activecollab with Alfresco

  1. Integration of activecollab with CAS

  1. Checking the integration of other cloud providers like Google Docs, GitHub etc with CAS.

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