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Whenver sharing URLs with customers or other external recipients, we need to use a consistent format for sending our URLs to customers. Where in emails, press releases, etc. we use only URLs. We use YOURLS as our link shortening service, and it is available here:

This is a protected site so user names and passwords should be requested from Sarji or Shahid.

Once you log in, you give the long URL (any URL we want to send, including Netspective ones, third-party URLs that we forward to customers, etc.) and the link shortener will create a URL that we can use to track URLs that we send to customers. This is especially important for when we send out email newsletters or pointers to our blogs, etc.

When you use the link shortener and send out links we can track who uses those links as well good for analytics and understanding how it’s put into use.


Here are two sample “Netspective links” created to an HHS ONC page:
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They both point to:


Original Link