Change user properties in phabricator from Command Line.

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In Phabricator accountadmin is a user-friendly command line interface for creating and editing accounts.

In order to change user properties in phabricator please see the following steps:

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Go to phabricator location:

cd /usr/local/

Just run the script: ./phabricator/bin/accountadmin

sudo ./phabricator/bin/accountadmin

This will walk you through the process of creating/editing an user account.

For eg:

-> ./phabricator/bin/accountadmin
Enter a username to create a new account or edit an existing account.
    Enter a username: geo_pc
There is an existing user account 'geo_pc'.
    Do you want to edit the existing 'geo_pc' account? [Y/n] y
    Enter user real name [Geo PC]:
    Enter a password for this user [blank to leave unchanged]:
    Should this user be a system agent? [y/N] n
    Should the primary email address be verified? [y/N] N
    Should this user be an administrator? [y/N] y
               OLD VALUE                        NEW VALUE
    Username   geo_pc                           geo_pc
   Real Name   Geo PC                           Geo PC
    Password                                    Unchanged
System Agent   N                                N
Verify Email   N                                N
       Admin   N                                Y
    Save these changes? [Y/n] y
Saved changes.

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