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ActiveCollab upgradation steps (From 3.2.11 to 3.3.6)

1. Download latest version from to
2. scp roni_baby@php.apps:/home/roni_baby/setup
3. Make sure you're now on the PHP server
4. cd $HOME/setup
5. mkdir activecollab-corporate-3.3.6
6. cd activecollab-corporate-3.3.6
7. unzip ../
8. sudo cp -r for-upload/activecollab/3.3.6/ /usr/share/activeCollab/activecollab/3.3.6
9. sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /usr/share/activeCollab/activecollab/3.3.6/
10. Accesss this url for upgrading it


ActiveCollab 3.2.11 Upgradation

 order levitra online, order lioresal 1. Download latest version from to
2. Make sure you're now on the PHP server
3. cd $HOME/setup
4. scp .
5. mkdir activeCollab-corporate_3.2.11
6. cd activeCollab-corporate_3.2.11
7. unzip ../
8. sudo cp -r for-upload/activecollab/3.2.11 /usr/share/activeCollab/activecollab
9. sudo chown -R www-data.www-data /usr/share/activeCollab/activecollab/3.2.11
10. After you have latest version of activeCollab files uploaded, visit /public/upgrade/index.php part of your activeCollab with your web browser, that is
11. Now log in with your administrator credentials and let the system upgrade your database.
12. To confirm that you have successfully upgraded activeCollab, open config/versions.php and make sure that upgrade script has written the valid version number in it.

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