Steps done on Alim Server for High Load

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Following are the steps we done on Alim Server:

  • Checked Alim DB and size comes around 1.3GB

    -> du -hs alim_07_03_20.13.sql
    1.3G alim_07_03_20.13.sql

When we checked table that took too much space is ajaxtracking (319M) and boomerang_beacon (366M). We truncated these these table and also dropped unwanted tables from Alim Database. Now the size gets dropped to 458M.

-> du -hs alim_07_03_20.13_new.sql
458M    alim_07_03_20.13_new.sql

Command used to truncate a table:

mysql> truncate table ajaxtracking,boomerang_beacon;
  • Stopped AIDE:

Temporarily stopped AIDE script.

  • php5-fpm configuration:

Changed pm.max_requests (The number of requests each child process should execute before respawning) from 200 to 0 (unlimited)

Then changed pm.max_children (This value sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that will be served)from 7 to 5.

With this setting we have tested accessing alim site with ab command. Now it seems stable in which load increases slightly only and its not overshooting.

Refer KB for configuring Monit.

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