Configure MySQL to use as Per-Table Tablespaces

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As we know InnoDB writes all the table information into one tablespace file ibdata1.
Obviously this lead to a disk space issue, since the ibdata1 file grew to 90G+ and it was not possible to defragment tablespace using the Alter method (Infact is is hardly possible to do in a production environment, since it leads to a huge downtime.)

You can store each InnoDB table and its indexes in its own file. This feature is called multiple tablespaces because in effect each table has its own tablespace.

To enable multiple tablespaces, you need to do the following:

  • In my.cnf we need to add the following lines:

innodb_file_per_table =1
innodb_status_file =1
innodb_flush_method =O_DIRECT
innodb_support_xa =0

  • Take backup (mysqldump ) of all existing databases.
  • Now drop all databases except the mysql database
  • Stop mysql
  • Delete ibdata1 and ib_log files
  • Start mysql
  • Create and restore databases.
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