Standard folder structure for apps

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Standard Folder Structure Of Apps





Contains all configuration directives in Application

Example :


Contains all service directives in Application


All *.php files that serve outward facing service APIs


All *.php files that serve pure data in JSON

Should be full REST


All *.php files that are custom to the service but not serving data or HTML


All custom app-specific *.html, *.css, *.js, etc. files that will be served to the public


Default directory for all service-specific image files


Default directory for all service-specific JavaScript files


Default file for all CSS styles



*.php files that serve common HTML like header, footer, etc


*.php files that serve app-specific HTML


Each 3rd party PHP library in a separate directly, exactly as it comes from the vendor so it’s easy to update

Example : Slim,ezSQL etc


Each 3rd party public-facing JavaScript, CSS, images, etc. library has its own directory, as-is, no changes;

Example : bootstrap etc



Reference documents etc


Support scripts

Build scripts etc


Liquibase schema and migrations

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