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Boost Library

Boost libraries are intended to be widely used, and usable across a broad spectrum of applications.


[Setting Up C-C++ Development Libraries](./Setting Up C-C++ Development

Check availability

Before installing Boost, check for existing boost library.

rpm -qa|grep boost

If it exists, remove the boost library using following command to build Boost cleanly.

rpm -e <package_name>

For Ubuntu, use the given below commands for checking and removing respectively.

dpkg –get-selections | grep boost
dpkg –remove <package_name>

Download and Install

Download Boost.1.48.0.

Extract the downloaded boost.1.48.0.tar.gz file using the following command

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xvf boost_1_48_0.tar.gz

Run the following command to start the build process. Follow the instructions until the installation was successful.

cd boost_1_48_0
sudo ./ –prefix=/opt/boost_1_48_0
sudo ./bjam install

Required create symbolic link with the appropriate path

sudo ln -s /opt/boost_1_48_0/lib/* /lib
sudo ln -s /opt/boost_1_48_0/include/* /usr/include

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