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Assess, Achieve and Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Netspective HIPAA Assessment and Management Services can address the HIPAA compliance needs of any organization irrespective of their size.

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HIPAA Assessment – Gap Analysis and Measuring Impact

It is essential for every organization transmitting or maintaining ePHI (electronic protected health information) to be HIPAA compliant. Netspective helps organizations assess how compliant they are and provides a detailed recommendation report on the gaps in their processes and procedures.


Netspective team performs the following steps for gap analysis and impact measurement:

  • Do a comprehensive analysis and study of the organization’s processes to examine aspects, which are pertinent to compliance with HIPAA and HITECH Act.
  • Conduct interviews with the organizational staff with respect to general staff practices, security awareness, knowledge of current policies and regulations.
  • Identify knowledge gap and available policies and procedures.
  • Perform a HIPAA risk assessment
    • Evaluate the control systems in place
    • Identify vulnerabilities and threats in key assets and IT systems
    • Impact Analysis by ranking risks, and evaluating the likelihood of the risk occurrence
    • Risk Determination
    • Recommendation based on the impact analysis
  • Documentation of a comprehensive security strategy

Netspective’s Opsfolio provides you with a resourceful tool that will let you manage the assessment and auditing for your compliance needs. Opsfolio can check and report on the compliance status of each organization asset for conformance with the regulatory mandates.
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Achieving Compliance – Develop Policies, Procedures

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Each organization is unique and the HIPAA policies and procedures for each organization will need to be written based on the kind of business they are in and the level of security and privacy that they need to adhere to. Netspective helps organizations develop policies and procedures tailored for the organization

Netspective’s Compliance Package

  • Creation of policies tailored for the organization
  • Creation of detailed procedures based on each policy defined.
  • Implementation of the security strategy.
  • Discover and classify sensitive data and prevent it from leaving the network.
  • Risk Mitigation strategies such as avoidance, limitation and transference based on risk priority.
  • Cost benefit analysis of carrying out/not carrying out risk mitigation.
  • Modifying existing control systems based on impact analysis recommendations.

Netspective’s Opsfolio provides a smart way to help you classify assets based on vulnerabilities, prioritize patch application and provides remediation information for each vulnerability.

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Maintaining Compliance – Training and Education

After achieving compliance, it is imperative to remain compliant. Training and educating the workforce goes a long way in your organization remaining compliant. Netpective can empower your organization workforce by training them on the security risks and associated pitfalls so that your business is protected.


Netspective’s training services:

Inadequate or lack of awareness in the organization staff dealing with ePHI can result in human errors that can lead to security breaches, fines and affecting brand reputation. This can be avoided by providing timely training activities that need to be conducted at periodic intervals or when new people are taken on board.

Netspective’s training services aims to address inadequacies of the staff knowledge in compliance activities.

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