Medigy Health Informatics Platform

Frequently asked questions

Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT


1What is the target audience for Medigy?

Medigy customers are innovators of healthcare business models that need custom health IT applications anyone looking to create Health 2.0 apps, modern EHRs, EMRs, billing services solutions, medical records management, hospital information systems, physician practices engagement and promotion tools, etc. It’s a software development environment / tool for people looking to build health apps but need a sophistcated platform to sit atop.

2 Is Medigy a cloud offering or is it available on premises as well?

Medigy is offered as both a cloud service and an installable on-premise solution. You can put the software almost anywhere, including behind a firewall.

3 Does the Medigy architecture allow for customization / extensibility?

Medigy is a framework and platform — as such, it is a fully customizable and extensible system. You can create new UI elements, new data repository elements, or integrate with existing systems in the cloud or on your desktops / servers.

4How country-specific is Medigy?

Medigy was built by developers in the USA and India using English language and American units. However, because Medigy is built on an open content management platform there is nothing in the platform would prevent it from working in other countries or languages. Unicode support is coming later this year.