Netspective Fluent Solution

Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT


Fluent: Integration Platform for Regulated Markets

With healthcare industries across the US implementing EMRs, medical device connectivity is playing a major role in providing a multitude of functions, including automated clinical documentation, alarm management and notification, remote surveillance, and data aggregation for retrospective review and analysis.

A key aspect of medical device connectivity is the ability to seamlessly integrate medical devices with each other and with hospital EMRs to automate clinical documentation M2M and Machine to Application Platform for healthcare. This integration facilitates data flow directly from the medical device at the point of care into the patient medical record, eliminating the need for the clinician to manually enter patient data into the EMR. A level of complexity is involved in the implementation of these systems with considerations of regulatory compliance, privacy and security requirements attached to these systems.

Our Fluent solution offers a platform based approach with flexibility and easy extensibility to integrate across any application, device and infrastructure on any platform, while addressing the regulatory, security and privacy requirements. EHR modules are MU certified and HIPAA, ARRA, NIST compliant

Fluent gateway architecture provides numerous business, clinical and technical benefits to health care providers and medical technology companies.

Fluent Solution: Business Benefits

  • Netspective Fluent solution provides immediate ROI to numerous segments of the healthcare market – Medical device vendors considering integration with cloud or third party EHR solutions, healthcare IT vendors offering EHR solutions, and innovators of healthcare business models that require customized integration of medical device and health IT applications.
  • The system has the capability to connect hospital systems, personal handheld devices of doctors, cross organizational connectivity and cloud services. It can also connect to other EMR devices within the hospital facility. Third party software/applications connectivity through network is easy to implement.

Fluent Solution: Clinical Benefits

  • Netspective Fluent solution can perform data analysis, device analysis, monitor patient information, detect security threats and vulnerabilities, perform troubleshooting and run diagnostics on the information retrieved.
  • Fluent can make the interactions amongst the physicians, patients and care givers smoother and easier.

Fluent Platform Architecture: Technical and Application Benefits

  • Fluent medical device gateway can retrieve data by connecting to various medical devices in the hospital, the personal mobility devices of physicians and cloud services. The retrieved data is formatted and transmitted to the hospital EHR systems.
  • Fluent can be deployed on cloud or as an on premise solution behind secure corporate firewall. It can reside either on a hospital facility machine or on a medical device and that it can be controlled from a remote location if necessary.
  • Built on a secure open source platform Fluent solution provides protocols and tools to create customized third party applications via an API.
  • Fluent solution can support multiple device SKUs for upgrades, renewal and migration.
  • Fluent solution supports remote installation and deployment as well as secure software upgrades and metadata lining software versions for hardware configurations.
  • Fluent architecture can enable Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud models.

Netspective Fluent Salient Features:

Device ManagementDevice Provisioning and ConfigurationConnectivity to any Cloud
Remote ServiceConnectivityRegulation
User ManagementPrivacy and SecurityPerformance Characteristics
Time SynchronizationData StorageDocumentation
User InterfaceServiceability

Technical Specifications:

  • O.S.: Linux but portable to other platforms.
  • Database: MongoDB, a nosql and flexible database and MySQL database for high performance, scalable OLTP database applications.
  • Programming languages: C++, Java.
  • Web and application server and content management: Apache, PHP, Jboss, Drupal.
  • BI services: Pentaho Business Intelligence for reporting and dashboard giving support to Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text Format (RTF), and plain text.