Medigy Health Informatics Platform


Medical Technology, Healthcare & Government IT


You’ve got brilliant healthcare delivery ideas but you’re not sure to how to build secure apps that can help you execute your innovations. Medigy is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Secure Social Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

Innovative healthcare goes beyond treating episodes of illness; Medigy enables long-term patient relationships with secure sharing among referral partners and health systems.

Instant Meaningful Use EHR Modules Ready for Certification

Every new health application needs to support Meaningful Use (MU) requirements. Just pick and choose your modules from Medigy’s toolkit and submit your app for certification.

Patient Education, Calculators, Widgets, Content Management

All great patient care begins with education; Medigy provides the features you need to tell patients about their health, about your services, and about how they can improve outcomes.

Blue Button, HL7, X.12, HIEs, EHR, and HealthVault Integration

No modern health application is an island; Medigy gives you built-in functionality to integrate using Blue Button or with other EHRs, HIEs, Google Health, and HealthVault.

Patient Communications, SMS, IM, E-mail, Voice, and Telehealth

Today’s patients crave more interactive and immediate medical care through voice, instant messaging, e-mail, and text messaging. Medigy can give you the telemedicine features you’re looking for.

Master Patient Index (MPI) and Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Your brilliant health app will probably need a real-time database to store clinical data and present unified patient records. Medigy can serve as an MPI or CDR or connect to your existing ones.

Security, Encryption, Auditing, HIPAA, ARRA Compliance

Every health app must deal with security regulations; whether you’re a covered entity or a business associate, Medigy complies with all appropriate HIPAA, ARRA, and NIST regulations.

E-commerce, Ads, Subscriptions, and Activity-based Billing

Use Medigy to build online applications that let you create any business model or health service and accurately bill for those services using fee for service or ads.

Accountable Care, Patient Care Continuity and Coordination

Medigy helps ensure coordinated care among different providers to avoid medication errors, improve outcomes, and reduce conflicting plans of care.

Healthcare Professional Profiles, Directories, Practice Promotion

Use Medigy to launch sophisticated marketing programs, provider profiles, and healthcare services / practice promotion initiatives.

Information Therapy / Prescriptions, Adherence Tracking, and HRAs

Health maintenance alerts, HRAs, patient reminders, adherence suggestions, and other proactive communications can improve patient outcomes. Medigy supports it all.

Patient Family and Community Engagement

Enagaging patients and their families into health communities has proven effective in all kinds of health delivery models. Medigy’s unique social engagement functionality makes it easy.

PQRI, Accountable Care, PCMH and Meaningful Use Measures Tracking

You’re being asked to track more and more measures by all kinds of quality initiatives. Medigy can simplify the data entry, reporting, and publishing of the results.

Medical Grade Document Management

Every sophisticated health app needs the ability to manage secure, protected, and shareable documents. Medigy’s document management functionality is deep and usable.

Integrated Scanning, Inbound and Outbound Electronic Faxing

The healthcare industry lives on fax and images; Medigy supports scanning plus both inbound and outbound e-fax with automatic filing.

Your Solution Partners can Create Custom Apps or use APIs

Medigy is built on a content management framework that enables third-party custom apps to be built on top of the platform or connected via APIs.

Theming, Skinning, and Private Label User Experiences

All the applications you build on top of Medigy can have their own themes, skins, and custom interfaces that your users would expect.

Medical Device Data Aggregation, Mobile Connectivity, and Integration

Medigy’s clinical data repository and data streaming capabilities enables data to be collected from medical devices connected through mobile phones or direct USB / serial interfaces.

Reporting, Alerting, Complex Event Processing, and Analytics Engine

Medigy allows you to track enormous amounts of data — and, a complete reporting and analytics engine with complex event processing and alerting capability is built-in.

Patient Consent, Permissions, and Disclosure Management

Before you can use patient data you’ll need to make sure you have consent; Medigy helps you manage privacy permissions that can be approved or revoked by patients.

Natural Language and Speech Recognition, Semantic Integration

Natural language processing and speech recognition are no longer science fiction; Medigy starts there and adds semantic integration (machine understanding).

Connect to Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability and eRX

Medigy can give you access to the secure SureScripts Network for e-prescribing, secure messaging, and data exchange. Supports AAFP Physicians Direct as well.

Connect Using The Direct Project and NHIN

The Federal Government has been busy helping faciliate the National Health Information Network (NHIN) and The Direct Project. Medigy connects using both technologies.

Single Sign On with Popular Sites and Google Apps Integration

Your customers don’t want yet another login so Medigy comes equipped with the ability to use single sign on with Google Apps, Facebook, and Twitter using OAuth and OpenID.


Create Your Own App Store with 3rd Party Apps

Healthcare innovations do not live in a vacuum and no platform can sit isolated; allow 3rd party developers to build apps on top of your offerings.

Task and Case Management, ROI / Record Release Tracking

Medigy helps track tasks by securely automating requests and approvals workflows for complex processes such as release of information (ROI) and case management.

Physician and HCO Branded Shopping Sites for Patients

Patients trust their physicians and healthcare providers more than most other organizations; create custom medical shopping sites for them.

Sponsored Accounts

Create solutions that allows your clients to buy accounts for their partners and customers with full utilization reports and analytics.

Build Health-focused Social Networks

Create custom branded social networks that offers members community support, ability to connect with others facing similar health challenges, and access to critical information and resources

Wellness Tools and Programs to Manage and Monitor Your Health

Easy to use, integrated, wellness engagement solution that adheres to regulatory guidelines and supports doctor’s orders. It connects easily to your existing systems and is configurable to offer the tools you need.

Deploy Solutions in the Cloud or On-premises Behind Client Firewalls

When you’re building custom solutions you need flexibility; solutions running on the Medigy platform can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises behind firewalls.


Additional Features

Medigy is an enterprise framework built specifically to support healthcare and medical informatics applications. Medigy provides healthcare IT groups, independent software vendors, consulting groups, and systems integrators with a set of tools that simplify the development of healthcare applications to help improve programmer productivity, increase quality, and reduce costs.

Medigy uses PHP, XML, Java, J2EE, web servers, and standard application servers to help construct scalable medical applications for all healthcare customers. It includes pre-built objects, data models, web services, and process models that are used in most healthcare deployments.

Data Management Layer

  • Data dictionary with patients, providers, insurance, billing, managed care, clinical, and other important medical informatics content
  • Interface objects that provide implementations of the healthcare data dictionary
  • Hundreds of pre-built and optimized tables (using standard SQL) that works in any relational database
  • Database design documentation describing all tables, columns, indexes, and the complete data dictionary
  • Complete object-oriented lightweight Java data access objects that can read and write data
  • Complete XML-based web services to get data in and out of databases with very little code

Presentation Layer

  • Forms and controls with data entry objects for patients, patients, providers, insurance, billing, managed care, clinical, and other important medical informatics content
  • Client- and server-side validation designed for medical informatics content
  • Navigation and workflow engine
  • Wireless, PDA, multiple-browser Support
  • Multiple themes support to allow full customization
  • HIPAA-compliant Security and Personalization Layer

Security & HIPAA Compliance Forms

  • Access Control Lists
  • User Management Objects
  • Permissions Management
  • Roles Management
  • Forms/Controls Conditional Security
  • Reports Conditional Security