Time for a Federal Cloud Architecture

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As most of us are already aware, there are many commercial cloud computing initiatives underway. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, are all looking to make their claims in the cloud space with IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) strategies.

Most of us as federal architects of course don’t really have the ability to use or consume any of these cloud architectures since they are not at least FISMA compliant and they are generally not secure for us to use. The services can’t be logged and reliability is questionable.

However, if some of us got together (maybe with the eGov Infrastructure Line of Business) and figured out how to create a Federal Cloud Computing strategy I’m sure we’d be able to make secure, auditable, platform agnostic, reliable, and portable clouds for use by agencies. This way we could make SOA a reality and allow our architects to take advantage of IaaS and PaaS capabilities that we could build out.

Updated Sept 5, 2008: I just saw this press release — Apptis Teams with ServerVault to Launch the Trusted Cloud Computing Environment for the U.S. Federal Government . They claim that their “Secure Platform Complies with Federal IT Regulations and Helps Agencies Achieve Required Functionality Faster”.

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