Automated assessment
questionnaires, response scoring,
and compliance reporting system

Attest is the easiest way to create assessment questionnaires, quickly share them with respondents, score them, and track compliance and responses longitudinally.

Assessments & Compliance Dashboard

Why Attest?

Because requests for information should be easy on assessors, assessees, and analysts.


E-mail and spreadsheets are killing assessors and forcing them to be clerical staff.


Similar information is requested by multiple assessors in different ways.


Assessment information is only as good as the last e-mail or spreadsheet received.


Respondents have no way sharing responses across assessors or over time.

Information Requesters

The executives, individuals, or business units that are requesting the “data call” or “RFI” (questionnaire, survey, request for information).


Usually the security team, HR team, compliance, or risk management group that “runs” the questionnaire or data call and track progress.

“Assessees” or Respondents

The individuals, either internal to the assessor organization or external vendors or partners, responding to questionnaires (“assessee” is usually an institution, responder is a user).


Subject matter specialists who can score and analyze responses and answers from Respondents or assessees; analysts and assessors might be the same users in some cases.

What is Attest?

Attest is an efficient way to assess the risk of your vendors, partners and third parties and audit them for compliance by scoring them.

Current state assessment and gap analysis based on leading practices.

Asking and managing risks around
third-parties and vendors.

Detailed risk assessment of specified risk parameters.

Running third-party audit programs across operational, information security, and compliance risk.

Offering in-depth third-party risk reports.

Use Cases

Audit a bidding vendor before you add them to your vendor list.

Ensure compliance of your current vendors.

Assess vendors especially after slippages.

Verify the knowledge and understanding of your employees to ensure that your organization is indeed secure and compliant.

Assess the compliance and security of suppliers who have signed up with your business.

How does it work?

Attest leaves nothing to chance, your assessees do all the work and you’ll see the reports.


Create Assessments

Use our library of existing assessment forms or create your own. Hire our partners to execute on your behalf.

Collect Data & Auto Score

As suppliers and vendors enter and submit data, auto score their responses to find hotspots.

Distribute To Respondents

Use e-mail invitations to distribute assessments to dozens or hundreds of respondents(internal teams or external suppliers).

Continuous Compliance

Track who’s in compliance and prepare routine reports quickly.

Questionnaire Distribution


Create a Campaign

Campaigns let you organize similar requests together. You can even design simple or complex questionnaires to send to your vendors to assess their risks.


Pick a Questionnaire or Design One

Choose from our Library of questionnaires that cover common risk assessment templates or compliance standards such as HIPAA. You can even design your own questionnaire using your custom questions with options, comments and scores.


Invite Respondents

There is no need to set up accounts for respondents (internal users or external vendors or supply chain users). You can just type in the email address and send emails through your email system or ours.

Collation and Scoring of Responses


Browser based access

Use any browser to complete the questionnaire.

Reminder Emails

Reminder emails help in knowing the due dates and status on completion.

Show Proof of Compliance

Audit compliance by seeking additional documents.

Assessment and Reporting


Intuitive Dashboard

Simple single dashboard tells respondents what’s waiting and what they need to work on.

Compliance Proof

The results of the questionnaire analysis generates a proof of compliance or non-compliance.

Third party vendors will be scored based on the criteria you define.

Analyze Responses

Use the dashboard to get a deeper insight across multiple campaigns and watch critical campaigns closely.